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1. All the tickets of the entertainment centers are chartered and in case of cancellation by the guest, if the desired item is accepted by the broker, it is possible to cancel it only from the moment of issue until 3 hours before the start of the program with a deduction of 40% of the cancellation fee, otherwise it will be refunded.


2. In case of loss, the duplicate entertainment ticket will not be issued and its amount will not be refunded.

3. According to the charter ticket rules, the name and payment cannot be changed under any circumstances and for any reason.

4. Dear passenger, please carefully read all the information contained in your ticket upon delivery.

5. Reservations for restaurants, coffee shops and safaris cannot be canceled under any circumstances.

6. In case of missing tickets, duplicates of all items will not be issued.

7. Before buying any of the entertainments, carefully study and choose the desired items according to the charter conditions and non-returnability.

8. The goal is to satisfy you, dear customers, by implementing the purchased programs as best as possible.

9. After preparing and issuing the ticket, pay attention to the date of issuance of the issued ticket and the time listed in order to attend the program.

10. For ease of selection and guidance, use the 24-hour Ogen Gosht support.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules and regulations of marine entertainment and tourist places.