Before buying a foreign flight ticket, it is recommended to read the rules related to its purchase and refund.

Dear traveler, for traveling to Georgia, it is mandatory to have a round trip ticket, hotel voucher and travel insurance. Otherwise, the passenger is responsible for all the problems that arise.
It is possible that when buying a foreign flight ticket, the amount will be deducted from the account, but the purchase of the ticket has not been confirmed. In this situation, be calm, because the amount will be returned to your account and you can buy tickets again. Remember that deducting the money from the account does not mean that the purchase is finalized until the ticket is issued to you.
According to the country's aviation laws, the age range of a baby is between 10 days and 2 years old, and a child is between 2 and 12 years old, and an adult passenger is over 12 years old. The ticket buyer must purchase tickets according to the rules. If the age group and date of birth are entered incorrectly, the passenger will not be able to board the plane.
In case of cancellation or refund of system tickets, a fine must be paid. Each airline has different cancellation rules and the penalty amount will be different. Of course, in charter flights, it is not possible to refund the ticket amount and pay the cancellation fee.

Visa and passport conditions

If the validity of the passport is less than 6 months (full 180 days), the passenger will not be allowed to leave the country at the airport.
American and Canadian passports must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of return.
Payment of exit fees, city tax and tourist tax in the country(s) of destination and the responsibility of checking whether the traveler is prohibited from leaving the country is the responsibility of the person.
Passengers must be at the airport for foreign flights 4 hours before the flight.
The passport number must be entered in full along with its English letters, otherwise all crimes and responsibility will be borne by the passenger.
If you have renewed your passport after buying a ticket, be sure to send a copy of the new passport to the support email of Ozhan agency Kish.
For some foreign flights, passengers are required to obtain a boarding pass 24 hours before the flight through the airline's website and carry the printed ticket with them. For this reason, it is recommended to make necessary arrangements with the airline company 48 hours before the trip.
A visa must be obtained to enter most foreign countries. For this reason, before purchasing a ticket, travelers should read the visa conditions of the destination country and transit countries (countries where the flight stops at the airport) and contact the support staff if they do not receive enough information. Passengers should note that transit in Asian, European and American countries will be accepted by airlines for up to 8 hours; Otherwise, contact the support center of Ozhan agency Kish for more information.
For all flights that stop in Schengen countries and the final destination is a non-Schengen country, passengers are required to obtain a transit visa, even if the destination country does not require a visa. In case of not receiving a transit visa, all responsibility will be with the passenger.
When using the parts of a foreign flight ticket or so-called ticket coupons, pay attention to the fact that you must complete your trips in order from the first coupon issued to you. Otherwise, your previous coupons (even if you haven't used them) will be automatically canceled by the airline, and unfortunately, you will not be able to use other parts of the ticket. Some airlines are exempt from this rule. For more information, the passenger can contact the support number.

If you have a Schengen tourist visa, you must enter the same country where you got the tourist visa from the embassy.

Flights to US destinations are not allowed to stop in Canada.

Flights to Canadian destinations are not allowed to stop in the US.

For destinations in South America or Central America, you need a transit visa if you stop in the Schengen area and the UK.

Keep in mind that you must have a transit visa for flights that have two stops in Europe and then travel to America or Canada.

For European destinations, you need a UK transit visa if you stop over in London.

All Afghan nationals (Afghan passport) with any document (visa and residency) who intend to fly must have OKTB from the destination country, otherwise the passengers will be prevented from being accepted. In addition, Afghan travelers must have the conditions to enter Iran so that if they are not accepted in the destination country for any reason, they can return to Iran with an Iranian visa.

Foreign flight ticket cancellation rules

In order not to miss the flight, passengers should pay attention to the distance between the airport and the entry and exit terminals.
If the passenger requests the cancellation and refund of system tickets, it will be done by the airline company according to the rules included in the ticket. The amount of cancellation penalty and money transfer fee is deducted from the amount paid for the ticket and the remaining amount is returned to the passenger's account within 24 to 72 working hours. Of course, non-refundable charter flights are not included in this rule.
To buy tickets for two consecutive flights, there must be at least 4 hours between the arrival of the first flight and the departure of the second flight. Otherwise, the passenger will be responsible for not getting to the second flight or its cancellation, and Ozhan agency Kish will not be responsible in this case.


For more security in buying and issuing tickets for foreign flights, Ozhan agency Kish needs to check more in the user accounts of passengers. For this reason, the required information is requested from the passengers to confirm their identity. If the user is not authenticated 2 hours after buying the ticket, Ozhan agency Kish can block the user's account.
Ticket issuance conditions

It is not possible to change the name of the passenger, so be careful in entering the information. Because the cancellation penalty will be borne by the passenger.
Passengers who have passports from two different countries and their surnames are different, must enter both their names in order when entering information for ticket issuance; Write the Farsi name first and then the English name. This arrangement also applies to the last name.
Before buying a ticket, match the date of the ticket with the date of the visa. In case of date discrepancies, the passenger will be responsible.
Passengers from Asian and Middle Eastern countries cannot fly with airlines transiting in Europe. For example, Lufthansa has a stopover in Frankfurt.
It will be possible to issue a one-way flight when you meet one of the following conditions:
Permanent or temporary residence in the destination country
Long-term visa with an expiration date of more than one year
Having a ticket to continue the journey