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The purpose of establishing ozhan travel agency is to create a safe and suitable purchase with easy access to distinctive services for loyal customers
In this regard.

we have been able to use the expertise and knowledge of experienced managers in the country's IT, business, digital marketing and surveys.
Academic research in the tourism sector of domestic and foreign tourism and in the online tourism and entertainment industry, we will design, implement and prepare the first specialized site for the private sector.
We announce cooperation with all agencies, organizations and departments in the form of B2B, B2C, B2G.

A brief description of the activities and measures taken in this regard are presented below

  • Service 24 hours a day, seven days a week (on-line and in person)

  • Reservation of domestic and foreign hotels in person and online

  • Issuing tickets of all domestic and foreign airlines (at the lowest price

  • Issuing domestic and foreign bus train tickets

  • Direct operator of all domestic and foreign land, sea, and air tours

  • Obtaining  visa and residence

  • Selection of foreign and domestic tours according to the customer's taste 24 hours a day online 

  • Issuance of tourist tickets for Kish island marine activities to the choice of  tourists and citizens of kish island

  • Signing a bilateral cooperation agreement with all tourist attractions in Kish and all over Iran


سفر آغاز یک راه است ...

We are proud to provide you with the best quality and services of Kish Tourism Comprehensive Bank, dear  tourists and citizens of kish island 
So that you can spend happy moments with your respected family in the beautiful kish island
14 sales counters at the agency location, a separate place as VIP for  domestic and foreign travelers and guests we welcome you to buy in person
The satisfaction of you customers is the priority of ozhan agency travel agency
In this way, always help us with your comments and suggestions for planning trips and tourism
Working hours are 8 am to 1 am and 24 hours support
The management and staff of the agency are your constant companions in domestic and foreign trips, tourism and entertainment all over Iran

Why ozhan agency
Online services provide customers with the opportunity to search and compare tourism services by saving time
Perhaps many travel agencies still use old and traditional reservation methods.
At ozhan agency  we understand that not all airlines are the same, which is why we show you all the available flight routes and combinations. So that you can book your flight at the best price
You will be able to compare all flight offers and services and find what you are looking for with just a few clicks.
Just select the origin, destination and return dates of your flight and our search engine will show you the cheapest available flights.
To book your hotel, just enter the destination or the name of the hotel, the date of arrival and departure, the number of passengers and the number of rooms
To show you the best prices along with complete information about hotels in the shortest possible time
This information includes hotel facilities, photos and types of rooms
Issuance of hotel voucher is provided immediately after completing the purchase process
The online reservation service of foreign trains has been provided to customers for the first time in Iran through ozhan agency
so that they can book train tickets online in America, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain and England
This website is the most comprehensive online reservation service for foreign trains 
By using the online reservation service of ozhan agency we will save you time and money, and we will make a peaceful trip for you.
Don't worry about paying for travel in foreign countries or not having credit cards

Saving paper has a great impact on saving the environment