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Online purchase of domestic plane tickets

It is possible to buy domestic flight tickets on the website of ozhan agency easily and in the shortest possible time. With 100% coverage of Iran's domestic flights, ozhan Agency helps you more than any other website and agency in booking domestic plane tickets. All you need to buy a domestic flight ticket on ozhan agency is to access a flight search page and fill in the required information. In this case, you will come across a wide variety of flights that are available on the ozhan Agency website to your desired destination. You can find all the domestic flights to any destination in Iran in ozhan agency and make your purchase easily with just a few simple clicks. In order to be able to travel easily within the country and from one city to another, it is enough to search online for all available domestic flights by different airlines such as Iran Air, Iran Air Tour, Mahan Air, Asman Airlines, Taban Airlines, Qeshm Air Airlines. Search for Kish Air, Meraj Airlines, Caspian Airlines, Ata Airlines, etc. In this case, you can easily find out which airlines can take you to your destination at what price and at what time. Covering 100% of Iran's domestic flights with different airlines along with full flight information and price next to each flight, it allows you to always buy the cheapest domestic plane ticket from ozhan agency by comparing prices.

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Online purchase of plane tickets

The purchase of foreign flight tickets is done online as soon as possible on the online ticket and hotel website of Ozhan agency. The airline and hotel reservation system of Ozhan agency allows you to compare the best prices of airline tickets in different airlines and experience the online purchase of airline tickets by paying through credit card cards and book foreign flight tickets in the fastest time. .

Buying tickets for Iran Air, tickets for Mahan Airlines and other Iranian airlines, as well as foreign airlines such as Emirates, Turkish, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, KLM, Etihad, Atlas Global, Azerbaijan Airlines, Fly Dubai, Austria Airlines, Air France, Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Pegasus Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Ukraine International, Alitalia, Malaysia Airlines, Oman Air, June Air, Irigen, China Southern, Austrian, Thai Airways, Turkish, Buta Airways and many other airlines visited Ujen. By paying Riyal through credit card cards at the cheapest possible price.

You can buy flight tickets to all foreign cities around the world from more than 900 airlines and pay for the ticket even from outside Iran with the credit card card without any worries on the Uzhne Gosht hotel and ticket website. . So, if you are looking to buy plane tickets to Europe, America, or other foreign countries at the best price, you will not have to worry anymore because Ozhan agency provides you with the cheapest price of foreign plane tickets around the world by paying Riyals with credit card card.

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Domestic hotel reservations

One of the most important measures is that our hotel has a suitable location.
The proximity of the hotel to bus, taxi and subway stations will take you to your destination in a short time.
Therefore, when booking a hotel, check its location carefully.
Of course, people who know everything about hotel reservations in Iran, seriously consider these issues when booking a hotel.

It is natural that knowing the behavior of hotel staff is not an easy task.
But you can read the comments of travelers who have stayed in that hotel to know their opinions about the hotel staff.

Most hotels, depending on their level and number of stars, consider facilities for guests' activities and entertainment.
When choosing and booking a hotel, you should consider that if you want to spend more time in the hotel, choose 4 or 5 star hotels.
But if you want to spend most of your time outside the hotel, lower level hotels are a better option.

Undoubtedly, the price is one of the most important criteria for choosing a hotel.
Many travelers initially limit their choices based on price.
But consider that you may make a cheap hotel reservation, but later when you calculate, you will find that the additional costs of the hotel are much higher.

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Reservation of foreign hotels

As we mentioned earlier, choosing your accommodation can have a great impact on your travel experience and the enjoyment of your trip. This topic is doubly important in foreign trips because in other countries there is much less knowledge about the desired city, attractions and residences, etc. Perhaps it can be said that the best solution is to make a foreign hotel reservation online with the necessary information before the trip. Therefore, the best option is to be able to book the foreign hotel you want easily and as quickly as possible after getting information online.

One of the advantages of booking foreign hotels online is that it allows you to pay for hotel reservations in Iran using Shatab cards, and you no longer have to worry about carrying cash or credit cards. Also, one of the most important advantages that we have already mentioned is that you can compare the facilities, hotel stars and prices of different hotels easily and with just a few clicks online, and according to the type of travel, your taste, and your budget, you can find the best option. Choose the option for booking, pay and go on your attractive and memorable trip safely by buying a foreign plane ticket or even through other methods.

Usually, in every country and city, there are many famous 5-star hotels that tourists who are looking for a luxury stay book these hotels. But there are hotels that become the attraction of that city for any reason, including high quality of services, different architecture, etc. For example, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Hilton chain hotels, Sheraton hotels, Andronis Boutique Hotel Santorini And many other hotels mentioned.

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What is travel insurance?

Insurance means peace of mind while traveling and travel insurance makes your mind at ease while traveling. This insurance compensates for medical expenses and unforeseen damages such as flight cancellation or lost luggage, so that in case of such problems, your trip will not be bitter. Travel insurance is necessary for foreign trips, because possible damages in foreign countries should be paid for. Pay foreign currency and it will make your situation more difficult. In most cases, travel insurance takes care of these costs and there is no need to pay for damages.

Age of applicant: Travel insurance is offered for seven age groups that differ in cost:

0 to 12 years 13 to 65 years 66 to 70 years 71 to 75 years 76 to 80 years 81 to 85 years 86 years and over

Duration of insurance: There are 9 different time periods for travel insurance validity, which are calculated from the time of departure from the country:

1 to 7 days 8 to 15 days 16 to 23 days 24 to 31 days 32 to 45 days 46 to 62 days 63 to 92 days Six months

Liability limit: The liability limit of travel insurance is the maximum amount of damage that the insurance guarantees to pay according to the laws. Insurance companies have different limits of obligations with each other, which are determined based on the services of foreign partner companies. When buying travel insurance abroad based on the destination, you should choose the right insurance so that in case of any problem, you can feel at ease about receiving the right service.

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Download the ozhan agency application for Android

What is the application?                  Download the Ozhan agency application

In today's world, due to the growth of technology and tools, in order to be able to do our daily tasks more easily, accurately and in the best possible way, we come across a large number of software and programs that help us improve the quality of life. they help
For example, you may want to make bank transfers at home.

For the ease of access of you, our dear customers, we have made the ozhan agency Airline Agency application easy to install and access online purchase of domestic and foreign hotel plane tickets, tour insurance, etc., with just a few clicks and direct selection.

So, in general, it can be said that applications are a type of software and computer programs that establish a direct connection with the operating system processors of your smartphones. All computer software, except operating system software and programming languages, which we use on a daily basis are considered applications that are designed for the final use of users.

Online purchase of tickets for tourist attractions and marine entertainments

It is possible to buy Kish's entertainment on the ozhan agency website simply and in the shortest possible time. By signing contracts with all marine and tourist attractions of Kish Island, ozhan agency helps you more than any other website and agency in booking entertainment.

If you want to spend your vacation and travel time in such a way that every moment is memorable, it is not bad to pack your suitcase for a trip to Kish. People who like their adrenaline to be at its highest level most of the time, travel to this beautiful island at least once. Kish entertainment is designed in such a way that travelers with different tastes do not return to their city empty-handed!

It doesn't matter if you love exciting fun or you like visiting the historical places of this island, in any case, you will experience an indescribable pleasure by traveling to Kish! Kish is beautiful.
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