Guide to buying Kish entertainment

  • Yes, ozhan agency Comprehensive Bank of Tourism and Seaside Recreation of Kish has provided this possibility on its website, so that you, loyal customers, can easily buy tickets online without the need to go to your choice and enjoy the best of your moments.

  • Registration in Ujen Gosht takes less than 20 seconds. Click on the registration option.
    Enter your name, e-mail address and password and press the register button.

    If you have any questions or doubts and get more information, please contact the urgent and 24-hour support unit of Ugen Gosht at +987691001177.

    You can also use discount codes for online shopping by contacting ozhan agency directly.

  • All marine activities are available on ozhan agency website, you can see all types of marine clubs by entering Kish's entertainment reservation section and selecting the marine activities club.

    Each club has a rating. The site is categorized according to the number of quality stars of each club.

    By choosing any of the clubs, you can view and buy the services provided by each club.

  • Click on the desired ticket and go through the purchase process, enter your name and phone number in the last step and you are done.
    After completing the purchase and payment process, the ticket can be viewed and printed forever in the "ozhan agency" section.
    Also, an SMS confirming the successful purchase will be sent to the buyer.
    Note that if you have blocked the receipt of your advertising message, the SMS will not be sent.
    If you have any other questions, you can contact the urgent and 24-hour support unit of ozhan agency at +987691001177.

  • If the entertainment and tourism ticket is lost, it is not possible to issue a duplicate ticket and refund the amount.

    According to charter ticket rules, the name of the tickets cannot be changed and the payment cannot be refunded in any way except in the special conditions previously announced. Therefore, dear buyers are requested to read all the relevant conditions, rules and regulations before purchasing. Inform and fill in the identity information and contact number carefully and correctly. The agency is not responsible for the non-acceptance of tickets by brokers due to failure to correctly enter the buyer's details.

    The cost of booking restaurants, welfare centers, and entrance programs (safari,...) cannot be refunded in any way.

    All the tickets of marine entertainment and tourism centers include the charter rules and the reservation is made according to the issued ticket, so it is not possible to cancel it by the broker.

  • In each of the items, there are three sections of program description, rules and regulations of the program, and supplementary explanations, in each of which you can see the required information. Read the above and the conditions related to each entertainment carefully, so that if you need to cancel the ticket, you will not be subject to the charter rules.

  • No need to worry. You can view or print your purchased invoice in the "Ogen Gosht" section.
    Explanation that all your purchases in the Ogen Gosht section of the site can be verified, printed and viewed forever.

    If you have any questions, doubts or get more information, you can contact the emergency and 24-hour support unit of ozhan agency at+987691001177 or +989347686477.

  • Yes, the ozhan agency site has electronic symbols, including the eNAMAD trust symbol.

    It has the trust symbol from the e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, as well as the national registration symbol from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and is under the supervision of the responsible agencies for selling tickets for Kish entertainment and services.

    Holders of the electronic trust symbol are fully supervised in terms of the type of activity and services provided, and the users of the services of these centers can make online payments with peace of mind. The seller company is required to provide accurate and complete services according to the issued invoice and the description on the site.

    Also, ozhan Agency is a member of the Association of Air Travel Service Offices of Iran and has a license from free trade zones.

    Therefore, we give this trust and assurance to the respected buyers, so that they can make a safe and secure purchase with ease.

  • By shopping online from ozhan agency website, you can save your time while traveling, you can make an easy choice by accessing ozhan agency's comprehensive tourism and entertainment bank, with guarantee and quick support for purchase guidance or advice.

    Buy the best with your choice and create the most beautiful moments and memories.

  • In case of shopping with Iran Card Bank Aindeh, you can use Iran Card discount percentages according to the type of card, while enjoying its cash points to upgrade your card.

  • Online shopping makes your choice easier, you can plan your trip easily by first comparing all the available entertainments and choosing the best ones, and by receiving online tickets issued from the site, visit the marine entertainment and tourism center and Spend your moments beautifully on the trip.

  • ozhan agency support team is ready to answer questions and resolve customer issues 24/7 and even on holidays. To contact the support, you can send a message on the Instagram page or send an email to the support, or register a request in the contact section of the ozhan agency site.

    Number: +987691001177

    Mobile: +989347686477


    Instagram: @ozhangasht

  • No, after paying at ozhan agency, you will not be charged any other money at the entertainment centers.

    It should be noted that the fees received for restaurants and massage and welfare services are reserved and pre-paid, and the amount paid is deducted from the total fees on the spot.

  • In case of cancellation due to reasons such as bad weather conditions or by the entertainment provider, the money will be returned to your card in less than 10 minutes. If you request to change the time and reissue the ticket according to your request, this issue can be done in coordination with the agency.